Married Couples Small Group

Tue., June 7, 2016 6:30pm ·

Note:  The meeting on June 7 only will be held in the East Conference Room.

A new ministry facilitated by, for, and with married couples meets bi-weekly on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 to 8pm in the North Conference Room (East Conference Room on June 7). Each session is complete in itself, so feel free to drop in. For more information, contact stmattsmarriedcouples@

 May 24 - How Men and Women Relate

June 7 - Fractured Creation, Fractured Family: The Hidden Plan

June 21 - Father Abraham: The Father of Us All

July 12 - The Family and the Covenant

July 26 - Father-Led Rituals

August 9 - The Family and the Covenant

August 23 - Family as the Carrier of the Covenant

September 6 - Jesus and the Family

September 20 - Baptism and the Family

October 4 - Jesus and the Family

October 18 - The Family: Broken, Healed and Restored