10am Latin Mass Town Hall Meeting

Sun., June 12, 2016 11:15am ·

For more than 50 years, since the time of the Second Vatican Council, the Cathedral has cele brated a Sunday Mass using the universal language of the church. Three years ago, the liturgical staff revised the green pew book Ordo Missae; The Order of Mass in Latin. Updated English translations were provided, as well as additional settings of the Gloria and the inclusion of many of the prefaces which were not in the previous editions. Each week, the music leaflet also contains the translations of the opening prayer, the prayer over the gifts and the post-communion prayer.

We are proud that we strive to make this liturgy neither a museum piece, nor a foray into an exotic or archaic aesthetic—but true prayer. We are most pleased when the assembly is fully engaged in the prayers by their active participation in the spoken and sung acclama-tions and through attentive listening.

Music plays a significant part in the uniqueness of this Mass. While the hymns and acclamations during the Liturgy of the Word are in English, during the choral season, the Schola Cantorum leads the entrance and communion chants in Latin and typically sings motets by Palestrina, Victoria, Byrd and Tallis, as well chant-based ancient and modern Latin selections.

On June 12, immediately following the 10am Mass, Thomas Stehle will host a 50-minute town hall meeting in the East Conference room to discuss the Mass and how we can spread the Word about this unique liturgical offering to a wider group of believers. Our hope is to draw more people for whom this form of the Mass would be conducive to their spiritual life.

No need to register in advance. If you cannot attend, you may send your thoughts, with the subject line “Latin Mass,” to cathstmatt@stmatthewscathedral org.