Simple Lenten Meals ~ Almsgiving for Horton's Kids

Fri., March 31, 2017 6:30pm ·

We serve Simple Lenten Meals (en español) in the North Conference Room on the Friday evenings of Lent following the 6pm Stations of the Cross. 

Each Friday we collect donations to benefit a different community-based organization in Washington, DC. The Cathedral Young Adults will organize and serve the meal on March 31, and the beneficiary of the evening's almsgiving will be Horton's Kids.

Consider spending your early Friday evening with St. Matthew's family and friends - come for the 5:30pm Mass, 6pm Stations of the Cross, and end with a shared meal and a great opportunity of almsgiving.  

Please visit Horton’s Kids website from which the following is excerpted and summarized.

Who We Are – Horton’s Kids - The Neighborhood and Those We Serve -

For over 25 years, Horton’s Kids has served Wellington Park apartment complex in Ward 8, one of Washington, DC’s most at-risk neighborhoods.  This Section 8 housing community is geographically isolated and has one of city’s the highest rates of violent crime, gang activity, and substance abuse.  We work with over 500 children in grades K-12, who must overcome the effects of multi-generational, urban poverty and their neighborhood’s inherent risk factors.  A majority of participants live in food-insecure households with an annual income under $10,000, well below the poverty line.  Only 19% of the neighborhood adults have high school diplomas and local public schools chronically underperform.

What We Do – Our Mission

Horton’s Kids’ mission is to empower at-risk children and prepare them for successful and healthy lives through educational opportunities and comprehensive programs tailored to their needs.  We provide a holistic, research-based continuum of academic, enrichment, and basic needs supports, designed to empower children to succeed.  We believe circumstances should not dictate a child’s future, and that every child should graduate from high school ready to succeed in college, career, and life.

Community Resource Center - The majority of Horton’s Kids programs take place here, just steps from the children’s homes.  For many families, the Center is the only safe, consistent, and accessible source of fresh produce, healthy food, books, and computers.  It is equipped with bullet-proofglass. The Center provides participants the opportunity to regularly connect and communicate with staff.

Academics – Horton’s Kids seeks to close the educational gap that often exists for children from low income families.  The following programs help children overcome deficits, improve literacy and math skills, stay on track to graduate high school, and become ready for college and career:

One-on-One Tutoring – Children attend tutoring at the House of Representative’s Rayburn Building, and at US Departments of both Education and Transportation, with focus on homework and individually tailored literacy exercises. 

Literacy Intervention – To promote a love of learning and reading, Horton’s Kids Community Resource Center has a library where children can choose and take home books of all reading levels.  Summer offerings include summer school and literacy recovery activities to maintain learning achievement.

Homework Help – Off-duty educators help children with homework two hours after school (Mon. to Thurs.) at the Center (with computer labs).  Older participants have other project-based programming in the evening to help stay on track for graduation.

Educational Advocacy – Horton’s Kids helps families enroll children in the best schools possible.  Over 80% are enrolled in high-performing charter schools (e.g., KIPP DC, Cesar Chavez, and Thurgood Marshall Academy).  Our high school graduation rate is nearly twice the neighborhood average.