Parish Offertory Appeal

Sat., November 4, 2017 (All day) to Sun., November 5, 2017 (All day) ·

November 5 is Commitment Sunday for our 2017-2018 Parish Offertory Appeal. Our goal this year is to increase offertory donations and improve our parish stewardship. All registered parishioners will receive a mailed appeal announcement highlighting our many ministries, activities and services. 

St. Matthew’s is a vibrant community with deep commitments to stewardship that enable us to minister to 2000+ people at 7 Masses each weekend and to deliver on many ministry priorities, particularly in the areas of social justice and faith formation. To maintain our strengths and meet new parish needs, parishioners must develop their own prayerful commitments to stewardship at St. Matthew’s.

While over 2,300 households are registered, only about 860 can be identified as making offertory contributions!  We aim to increase the overall offertory and to engage many of the remaining 1,400+ parish households in regular financial sacrificial giving—the fuel for our parish mission as the hands, voice and face of Jesus. 

Please prayerfully consider your commitment to stewardship, pray for the success of our upcoming Annual Parish Offertory Appeal and look forward to our parish-wide response to Commitment Sunday.      

                                                                 —Msgr. Jameson and St. Matthew’s Stewardship Committee