Protecting God's Children Workshop at St. Matthew's

Sun., August 21, 2016 2:00pm ·

On Sunday, August 21 from 2 to 5pm, St. Matthew’s will offer the 3-hour workshop that is required by the Archdiocesan Child Protection Policy for anyone over 18 in our parish programs who has contact with children.

Please register online at

Child Protection Policy Compliance Checklist for Volunteers 

Volunteers who, in the course of their volunteer work at St. Matthew’s, have contact or will have contact with children, must comply with the Archdiocese of Washington's Child Protection Policy. Prospective volunteers for such positions at St. Matthew's are asked to download the Child Protection Policy Compliance Checklist for Volunteers from the Archdiocese of Washington, follow the instructions, then make an appointment with Theresa Prymuszewski, St. Matthew’s Child Protection Compliance Coordinator, to complete the process. Volunteers must comply with the Archdiocesan Policy before beginning their volunteer ministry with children.