Becoming Catholic

You may have a family member or friend who is Catholic. You may be dating, engaged or married to a Catholic. You may be unbaptized or baptized in another Christian tradition. You may have been baptized a Catholic, but never received the sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist. Throughout the year, many come forward seeking to learn about the Catholic faith.<--break->If you are interested in learning about the Catholic faith or are thinking about becoming a Catholic, join us for monthly inquiry, a casual and ongoing conversation about the Catholic faith. "Inquiry" is the first step in the process of discerning one's commitment to full initiation into the Catholic Church.

View more information on RCIA, i.e., the Adult Initiation process.  


For more information, email Msgr. Jameson, Cathedral Rector, or call him at 202-347-3215 x 514.