Top Ten Reasons to Use Electronic Giving Through Faith Direct

1.       Allows you to return your blessings from God in a planned way, from your first fruits rather than from what happens to be in your wallet or at the bottom of your purse at Mass. 
2.       Gets rid of the need to find St. Matt’s envelopes, leaving only cell phones and keys to lose.
3.       Allows for better budgeting, so you start realizing how much money you’re wasting on other stuff. 
4.       Ensures your active, regular support of the Church 52 weeks of the year, even when you’re traveling or up to your eyeballs in snow.
5.       Provides greater security than cash or checks (but you still have to go through airport security).
6.       Provides online control of your giving, including second and special collections, with year-end tax statement—all at no cost to you (but you still have to pay taxes).
7.       Signing up online reduces your use of envelopes, checks, and postage, saving the environment while eliminating that funny taste in your mouth after you lick a stamp.
8.       Earn credit card/frequent flyer points for your offertory gifts—fly to Jamaica sooner.
9.       Relieves parish staff from posting contributions, giving them more time to cheer the Caps, Nats and Redskins.
10.     Msgr. Jameson does, and he makes less money than you!