Where Are the Conference Rooms? - The Latest FAQ

A new parishioner recently asked this question, giving birth to a new 'Frequently Asked Question' - here's the answer for all who may be wondering! Check out our other FAQs and suggest one of your own via Reply@stmathewscathedral.org.

North and East Conference Rooms 

From inside the Cathedral, get to the North and East Conference Rooms by going through the door to the right of the organ and taking the stairs down. At the bottom, walk straight ahead to the North Conference Room (on your left), or make a U-turn and walk down the hall to the East Conference Room (on your left). You also may reach both conference rooms from Rhode Island Avenue by using the Conference Center door at the bottom of the driveway to the parking garage (ring the buzzer). Upon entering, turn right to get to the North Conference Room and left to get to the East

West Conference Room

From inside the Cathedral, get to the West Conference Room by entering the Baptistry (to the left as you enter through the main doors) and taking the stairs down. At the bottom, the West Conference Room is on your left. You also may access it using the stairwell and door in the alley along the Cathedral’s west side.