Sacramental Life at St. Matthew's

[title]August is the month for parishes to share statistics with the Archdiocese regarding their finances and sacramental life. Msgr. Jameson offers some of these figures (right). The number of marriages this past year is of particular interest—99 weddings took place here, but that figure does not include the many couples who our clergy prepared for marriage but were wed elsewhere. Msgr. Jameson and Fr. Rafael spend hours each week with their couples, and they love it!  Time consuming, yes, but so rewarding! Msgr. notes how very special it is to receive a request for a baptism, or a surprise visit (often with children in tow) from a couple with whom he has worked at some point during his 18 years here. Yes, we are a sacramentally and spiritually vibrant parish! On that note, please keep the families and catechists of our children’s religious education program as they begin a new year, as well as our fifteen RCIA Inquirers who began the process earlier this summer.