Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the Cathedral Wheelchair Accessible?

Yes. For access, enter the Penn Parking garage located directly to the right of the Cathedral. As you enter the driveway, look straight ahead for the door to the Conference Center, located at the bottom of the driveway. Use the buzzer at the Conference Center door to alert the sacristan that you are there, and the door will be unlocked. Immediately to your right as you enter the door is an elevator that will take you one floor up to the Cathedral level. Straight ahead as you exit the elevator is a door leading to the Cathedral.

Does the Cathedral Make Provisions for the Hearing Impaired?

Yes. First, we employ sign language interpreters at many liturgies, including at every  11:30am Sunday liturgy. Second, an induction loop is provided for the benefit of hearing aid users. Those desiring to take advantage of the induction loop shoud sit in pews B1, B3, A1 or A3 and switch thier hearing aids to "T."

How Do I Arrange a Mass Intention at St. Matthew’s?

To arrange a Mass intention, stop by the rectory and speak to our receptionist. The rectory address is 1725 Rhode Island Avenue, Northwest, Washington, DC and the entrance is located three doors to the right of the Cathedral. There is no fee but an offering of $5 – $10 is customary for each intention. You will receive a Mass card for each intention in which you can write the date and time of the Mass.

At St. Matthew’s, it is not our policy to announce at Mass the name of the person who is being remembered with a particular Mass intention. Occasionally we receive requests to have the name mentioned if, for example, members of the family will be in attendance at the Mass. We will do our best to arrange for the fulfillment of such requests, if possible. 

How and When Do I Contact St. Matthew’s About Scheduling My Wedding?

The first step is to call the rectory at 202.347.3215 and ask for the priest of your choice or the p