Cathedral Staff

Rev. Msgr. W. Ronald Jameson, V.F.
Parochial Vicar
Rev. Agustín López
In Residence
Rev. John Hurley
Rev. Conrad T. Murphy
Deacon Juan J. Cayrampoma
Deacon Bartholomew J. Merella
Deacon Clayton A. Nickel
Deacon Boyd H. Work, Jr. (Retired)
Deacon James A. Garcia
Business Manager
Ms. Pam Erwin
Assistants to the Rector
Ms. Maureen Hurley
Mr. Daniel S. Evans
Pastoral Associate for Liturgy and Director of Music Ministries
Mr. Thomas Stehle
Mr. Paul Campbell, Assistant to the Director of Music Ministries
Mr. Peter Varga, Administrative Assistant 
Mr. Paul Hardy
Assistant Organist
Ms. Suzanne Bechamps
Pastoral Associate for Faith Formation
Ms. Theresa Prymuszewski 
Coordinator of Spanish Faith Formation
Ms. Fatima Aybar
Staff Assistant
Ms. Gloria Harrington
Ms. Ana Triaureau
Coordinator for Social Justice 
Miss Norma Cindy Canedo
Bulletin Editor
Mrs. Belinda Barahona
Ms. Mercedes Araque