Parish Pastoral Council


The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) advises and assists the Cathedral Rector in developing, organizing and supporting programs, ministries and other activities to enhance the spiritual and temporal life of the Cathedral parish community, in its role as mother church of the Archdiocese of Washington.    

In general, the responsibilities of a parish council can be focused in one of two areas: 

1.  Policy, vision, and strategy, with the council asking  large questions such as Where should we be in five years?  Councils with this focus are more concerned with the forest rather than the trees, strategy rather than tactics to accomplish the strategy.

2. Tactics, tasks and details, with the council actively participating in the  implementation of a broader parish strategy. Councils with this focus ask questions such as How? Who? What? When? Where? regarding specific parish events and initiatives.

At St. Matthew’s Cathedral Parish, our Parish Pastoral Council is responsible for both—articulating a parish vision and strategic plan, and at the Rector’s direction, implementing specific pieces of that plan through its Committees. Each of these council responsibilities―the strategic and the task-oriented―must be considered in light of the daily life and operations of our Cathedral parish. For this reason, a staff liaison is associated with each Committee of the Council.   

What does this mean for the working of the PPC?

In its meetings and operations, the Council strives to balance these needs, at times concentrating on specific tasks and short-term projects of Committees or Ministries, and at others debating and proposing answers to the larger questions facing the parish and advising the Rector on the direction in which the parish should move and grow. PPC members similarly are asked to balance their thinking between their particular Committee work and experiences and the larger questions faced by our parish community.

Meeting Time/Place

The council meets at 6:45 pm on the first Monday of the month in the East Conference room.  All parishioners are welcome and invited to assist the council in studying issues affecting the parish as well as coordinating and assisting with parish activities.   


The council is composed of 18 voting members, 12 of whom are elected and six of whom are appointed by the rector.   An election to choose four new council members is help each November and new council members begin their three-year term in December.  The council includes three officers and maintains six permanent committees with their individual officers.  

Council Officers

Members and Committee Assignments 


Communications and Evangelization 

The Communications and Evangelization Committee promotes and publicizes using all forms of personal contact and media technology the worship, ministerial, formational, outreach and all other forms of activity fostered by the cathedral to our parish community and to the general public, near and far. Fulfilling this responsibility directly supports the parish efforts to promotoe the gospel message of Jesus by enhancing the Christian life of our community and by nourishing and inviting those who also seek to know the Christ.  To accomplish this, the Committee shall use those forms of personal contact and media technology that are appropriate. View more

Faith Formation

The Faith Formation Committee is concerned with Christian education and spiritual formation of the parish community. View more


The Hospitality Committee is concerned with fostering Christian fellowship within the parish community and with visitors. Activities include assisting parish staff and organizations in coordinating social functions and welcoming new members to the parish community and encouraging participation in Cathedral activities. View more


The Liturgy Committee is concerned with bringing the parish community closer to God in the celebration of God’s presence through liturgy, including the sacraments. View more

Social Justice and Community Services

The Social Justice and Community Services Committee is concerned with mobilizing the people and resources of the parish in a mission of service to the local and surrounding community. View more

Stewardship and Development

The Stewardship and Development Committee is concerned with identifying, analyzing, and recommending strategies to encourage parishioner participation in, and financial support of, the Cathedral and its pastoral ministries and programs. View more