Cathedral Gift Items

The Cathedral offers for sale the following mementos and gift items:

St. Matthew's of Washington: The Parish at 175 Years (2015) - $20

Are you curious about the origins and history of St. Matthew's as a parish? Our latest book was published during the celebration of our 175th Anniversary Year, in 2015. Its 44 pages feature historical narratives, fascinating stories, and beautifully illustrated images, many never published before, from our first 175 years! Thanks for this volume are due to the 175th Anniversary Publications Committee, chaired by Mary Moran, with members Suzanne Bechamps, Daniel Evans, Stephanie A.T. Jacobe, Andre Mander, and Elizabeth Sullivan, and Joseph Carey as editorial and production manager.  

[title]Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle: Its History, Art and Architecture (2008) - $20

In 2008, the Cathedral parish published this 48-page book by Richard Schmidt and Claudia Rousseau, with Joseph Carey, Nancy McKinley and Elizabeth Sullivan. It features the Cathedral's history, art and architecture vividly portrayed through color photographs by local photographer, Neil Greentree. Also included are photographs of John F. Kennedy's funeral Mass in 1963, and visits to the Cathedral by Mother Teresa in 1974 and John Paul II in 1979.  

A Landmark Restored:  The Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle (2003) - $10

This 31-page book with a Foreword by Cardinal Theodore McCarrickof contains historical information and beautiful photographs of the Cathedral's restoration process. Written by Richard Schmidt and Cathey Meyer, with Joseph Carey as editorial director, A Landmark Restored was published following the Cathedral's first complete restoration, accomplished between the years 1999 and 2003. The restoration was started by Cardinal James Hickey and completed by Cardinal McCarrick. Restoration work depicted in the book includes replacement of the original copper dome and slate roof, repointing of all existing masonry, cleaning and restoration of interior mosaics and murals and installation of new lighting.  

Cathedral Notecard Sets - $10

Each set of 6 folded cards & envelopes features color photographs of the Cathedral chapels and the predominant sanctuary mosaic of St. Matthew the Apostle. The photographs were taken by local photographer, Neil Greentree, for the the Cathedral book published in 2008 (see above). The cards are blank inside and so can be used for any occasion. 

[title]Christmas Card Sets - $15

Each boxed set contains 10 Christmas cards & envelopes featuring St. Matthew's Crèche on the front of the card. The Crèche, which is displayed in the Chapel of St. Anthony of Padua beginning a few days before Christmas through the Christmas season, was photographed by local photographer, Neil Greentree, who photographed the Cathedral for our 2008 Cathedral book (see above).   


For more information and/or to purchase items, contact Pam Erwin.