Anointing of the Sick

Throughout the gospels, the sick were a primary concern of Jesus, a basis for this sacrament. In this sacrament, we ask for and experience God’s compassion for those who suffer some form of serious illness and those who are at the point of death. In the anointing and laying on of hands, God’s healing power is called upon those whose body and spirit are broken. Healing may come physically, but God will always provide spiritual strength and consolation to endure even to the point of death. Whether administered individually or communally, the community is called to offer prayers and support to those in need of our love and care.

Anointing of the Sick can be administered to any Catholic who has reached the age of reason and is awaiting serious surgery, suffers from serious illness or is weakened by old age or affected by some serious forms of mental illness.

The sacrament is available either privately or publicly as part of the liturgical service of communal anointing at a special Mass offered twice each year, during Lent and in the early Fall.


To request visitation by a priest to administer the sacrament, call the rectory (202-347-3215) and ask to speak to a priest. To participate in the annual liturgy of communal anointing, watch our weekly parish eletter and this website for announcement of of the Anointing Masses, or contact the rectory office at 202-347-3215..