Faith formation is about inviting Catholic Christians to integrate their own life experiences with knowledge of the faith, love of God, and love of neighbor, and welcoming new members into the Church. Experiencing God in contemplative prayer, theological study, mystical teaching, and community are vital components of faith formation. Faith Formation is the lifelong process of awakening to the divine presence in everyday life. It is about falling in love with God. We are all on a life-long journey of faith. Faith Formation supports, nourishes, and challenges adults as they explore their faith, experience its power, grow in relationship with God. Thus, we have a variety of programs and opportunities for all adults to discover the divine mystery. We also have a program for children to experience God in Jesus through the Spirit. The Children’s Faith Formation program provides sacramental preparation for First Reconciliation, First Eucharist, and Confirmation as well as ongoing faith formation for children in First through Eighth Grades.

The Faith Formation Consortium unites representatives from the many and various ministries of our parish concerned with Christian education and spiritual enrichment. Learn more about the Faith Formation Consortium.