Liturgy Committee


The Liturgy Committee is concerned with the overall worship life of the parish, including the liturgies of the Church (i.e., the Eucharist and the Hours) and other public and private forms of devotion (e.g., Stations of the Cross). The committee seeks to bring the Cathedral parish community and others closer to God through all forms of worship. It seeks to nurture and deepen the parish’s public and private prayer life through liturgy including the sacramental rites, devotions, and related ceremonies and events. It encourages the community’s full and active participation through well-formed liturgical ministries and programs. It also strives to be a model of the Church’s liturgical life in her service as the mother church of the Archdiocese.


Chair:  Jonathan Smith
PPC Representative:  Kerry Early
Staff Liaison:  Thomas Stehle

Members:  Betty Sullivan, Fatima Aybar, Danya Dayson, Nathan Krieg, and Kevin Reder


Meetings are normally held virtually on the 2nd Saturday (2 - 3:30pm) in January, March, May, July, September and November, unless otherwise indicated.

Major Projects

  • Liturgical Formation
  • Liturgical Celebration Planning
  • Liturgical Practices and Evaluation

Source Documents