Ordination & Vocations

Ordination (or orders) is the public celebration of those who have been called to a special ministry of service to the community. In a special way, the Church, the ecclesial body of Christ, asks for God’s blessing on those who will be a special sign of Christ’s presence to all the people of God. The “orders” of those who have been called to serve are deacon, priest and bishop. Each has a distinct and different ministry to God’s people for which different rites are celebrated in this sacrament. It is a sacrament that symbolizes in a special way one’s baptismal call to serve.

There are many resources for those seeking to learn more about becoming a priest or deacon or joining the consecrated life, such as the following:.

For more information, contact Msgr. Jameson at the rectory (202-347-3215 or rjameson@stmatthewscathedral.org .