Always God's Children Meeting

Sun., November 17, 2019 3:30pm ·

Always God's Children meets on Sunday, November 17 at 3:30pm in the West Conference Room. 

AGC is a Cathedral ministry that fosters Christian community and spiritual growth among persons who are gay, lesbian, or bisexual, as well as their friends and family members. AGC meets monthly at 3:30pm ieither n the West Conference Room of the Cathedral or at alternate locations as announced. It affirms the teaching of the Catechism that all “enjoy an equal dignity” (1934); that persons who are gay, lesbian, or bisexual “must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity” (2358); and that “all Christ’s faithful are called to lead a chaste life in keeping with their particular states of life” (2348). AGC welcomes everyone who is seeking to engage in a respectful dialogue on these subjects, with the goal of deepening their awareness of Christ’s love for them.

For more information, contact Msgr. Jameson at the rectory (202.347.3215 or or click here.