Made in God's Image

July 11, 2023

Made in God's Image

The St. Matthew's community is committed to fighting racism within ourselves, our parish, and our society, and we are committed to continuously educating ourselves about the ways racism manifests itself in ourselves and our world.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has several resources on their website explaining what systemic racism is, how it shows up in housing, education, employment, our criminal justice and political systems, our country's policies and rhetoric around immigration, and more. We encourage you to visit the USCCB website to learn more about racism and our responsibility as Catholics to work for an equitable world: Also see our archdiocese website

St. Matthew's SJC is working towards increased racial equity through their work with the Washington Interfaith Network, the diverse art effort, and projects to support the immigrant community. This is an ongoing and incomplete journey and we welcome ideas on additional things our parish community can do to root racism out of ourselves and our community.

This message from St. Matthew's Social Justice Committee also appears on our
Advocacy and Education webpage.