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When I Stand Before God at the End of My Life…

by Pamela Quinn

My husband Kenneth and I and our five children have been parishioners at St. Matthews for over 20 years. We live in Northern Virginia, but chose St. Matthews as our parish because of the beauty of the Cathedral, the solemnity of its Masses and music, and most importantly, its strong commitment to community and outreach to those less fortunate.

Why are You Passionate about Creation Care?

by Dr. Simone Seym


…when I was five years old, I remember sitting on a bench behind the house towards the garden and being in awe with the beauty of the firmament, the stars, the moon, the universe. In the Book of Genesis, my most beloved reading in the Easter Vigil, God “saw how good it was”.

Called to Serve

by Norma Cindy Canedo

When I look back on my plans after graduating college, I always laugh to myself thinking that the Lord had a different path in mind for me; one that I am most grateful for and recognize as an answer to my prayers.