Electronic Giving Program

FaithDirectYou can save time, simplify your life, and support the Cathedral by participating in the parish electronic giving program, operated by Faith Direct. This secure system enables regular donations to be made from your bank account or credit card, much the same as other direct payments you may have set up for utility bills or mortgage payments.

The preferred and most convenient option for giving, electronic giving helps the Cathedral to decrease its administrative costs, to obtain a clearer picture of cash flow and to plan more effectively for the needs of the community.

Enroll in Faith Direct

Join Faith Direct in either of the two following ways:

How Faith Direct Works

Transactions take place once per month on the 4th or the next business day. The total amount of your gifts for that current month (both regular and other special collections) will be debited in one monthly total. The Cathedral will receive the funds 4 business days later.

Managing your Account

You can stop, increase, or decrease your contribution amount at any time by calling Faith Direct at 1-866-507-8757 (toll free) by emailing info@faithdirect.net, or by logging in to your account through www.faithdirect.net.

If you have any questions about the Faith Direct program, please call 1.866.507.8757 {toll free} or send an email to info@faithdirect.net. You also may email Pam Erwin, St. Matthew's Business Manager, or call her at the rectory office at 202-587-5150.