The Bliss of God is Free and Easy: The Way of Mystical Nothingness

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Talks, Discussion and Contemplative Practice

Come to this 2024 Lenten series of five mini-retreat sessions on how to realize the bliss of God simply and directly through Jesus’ way of mystical nothingness.

Each session has spiritual talks, discussion, and contemplative practice. Jesus’ way of mystical nothingness is a way of realizing unruffled bliss and freedom. It is a way to enjoy the Mystery of God and to let go of obstacles to love and relationships. Come for prayer. Come to meet your fellow parishioners. Come to experience a way of living mysticism in daily life.

This series is like a mini retreat every week.

Tuesday/Thursday Sessions & Dates

Each weekly session is offered at two different times - on Tuesday and Thursday, from 7 to 9pm (the same material on each of the two nights).

Session 1: The Nature of God and Prayer – February 20 & 22

Session 2: Returning to God and Letting Go – February 27 & 29

Session 3: Mercy and Imperfection – March 5 & 7

Session 4: The Dangerous Memory of Jesus – March 12 &14

Session 5: Mystical Unity – March 19 & 21

Meeting Location

Meetings are held in the North Conference Room. Use the Conference Center door at the bottom of the driveway to the parking garage (ring the buzzer). Upon entering, turn right to reach the North Conference Room. 


For more information contact L.J. Milone, Director of Faith Formation and teacher of the series.